My running diary for 2024


My road running archive 2015-2023

Looking Back to the 1980s, Roadrunner: The Journal of the Road Runners Club, 2015, 205. pp. 35-36.


31st December: I seem to be running every 2-3 days. The average distance is generally between 3-5 miles. Although the route is the same and typically tempo running, I do include hills and quicker intervals. Still don't know why continuous running is still illusive. Ultimately this is probably related to arthritic knees and back as well as only running every 2 - 3 days. Older runners require longer rest periods. Still, it takes a time to get warmed up (about a mile) but it's interesting how the body suddenly starts to get heavier and heavier. The pulse doesn't change appreciably and the breathing gets easier but then suddenly a will to walk emerges and the body supports this by feeling very heavy. Underneath it all, I'm still wanting to monitor particularly the left leg, ever since the Liverpool 6 hour race. Anyway, I'm happy enough and maybe 2024 will be the year when I manage continuous running again.  

Looking back over the month, I have managed to run consistently with one or two non running days between each run. Much less often three non running days. Two days seems to give the body enough time to recover whereas three days can be too much of a gap    


It is now the middle of February.The weather is generally mild but it has been very wet. The bridge at Old Powick partially collapsed due to the continuous flood waters. This resulted in the main road walkway being widened, so not all bad news.This month, running has been affected by the excessive marking load as two modules had the same submission deadline. I visited the podiatrist because of the smallest toe on my left foot. Aparently, it has either a wart or a corn (I don't remember which) but I'm now applying skin softener to my feet until my next appointment in March. The skin softener seems to make for slightly sore feet but not too bad. Running pace is still unbelievably slow but I have included some hill repetitions.


A cautious start to March. Seemed slightly fitter for the slower pace today. How anyone can hold a conversation while running I'll never know. Even when I was very fit I have always concentrated on the running itself. Today I was thinking back to the Liverpool 6 hour race: I was okay duing the race while running but a pain in the knee when walking. Today there was a mild sticking feeling when transitioning from run to walk after about three miles. Still, the recovery afterwards was quite uneventful.

I took notice of the sticking feeling in the right knee by reducing the mileage and increasing the average time between running days. It is now March 30th and I did 3.68 miles with no sticking. The right leg feels better but still exercising caution.

It's been very wet in March. Today, the sun was very warm so perhaps Spring is on its way.


I'm writing this entry in mid May. I'm still conscious of the sticky right knee but it seems to have righted itself. In April I went to stay at Forest Coal Pit near Aberystwith for ten days while the bathroom was being renovated. This gave me the opportunity for running and walking in and around Sugar loaf mountain. This turned out to be quite a challenge but the weather was warm and sunny.


Mid May - the weather has been warm and humid for more than a week now. I'm currently running every other day though it is still jog walking. It crossed my mind again today to think about rejoining the gym as it feels like I need to develop more strength in the legs.

Thought to aim for 50 miles per month. Currently slightly below this at about 35 miles in March, 45 miles in April and 50.67 in May.


June 7th: I re-joined the St Johns Worcester gym last week after an interval of several years. The aim to maintain 50 miles per month is therefore currently on hold as I adjust to including indoor running. The treadmill seems a softer surface than the road - reminds me of the Harvey Haddon Stadium. On the first visit, I increased the incline to about 3% and the left knee didn't like it. My third visit was yesterday and the lift is still out of order. So far I have managed 1 hour per session.


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